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Alastair Levy

Alastair levy

‘Food Parcel’ by Alastair Levy. Made me look.

It’s Nice That #3

Here’s your chance to pre-order Nice That Issue #3 with an exclusive Parra Print. Included in the content are interviews with the likes of Milton Glaser, Paul Smith and Tom Dixon, as well as features from Ken Garland and Geoff McFetridge. The stellar line-up is also complimented by the usual collection of brilliant work from the last six months on the blog.

Each pre-order will also get a free, exclusive large-scale screen print by Amsterdam’s Parra. It has been designed specifically to give anyone who orders a copy of the publication before midnight on March 31st.

The Smoking Gun in the Kitchen

The Smoking Gun in the Kitchen, revealing the criminals behind our food.

Transform Your Hoodie into a Computer Sleeve

In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object, a new thing. Rather we need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around us.

Just undo it is a collection of reversible objects that could be made from a hoodie at no cost, no particular knowledge or tools. See the how to video here.

Alice in Wonderland

The British Library hosts an Alice in Wonderland-themed event, in response to the release of Tim Burton’s colourful take on the classic 19th century tale…

Home to the original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, the British Library is set to stage Curiouser and Curiouser: The Genius of Alice In Wonderland next Wednesday (February 24) to celebrate the enduring appeal of Lewis Carroll’s 1862 story and the latest film version of Alice’s adventures, directed by Tim Burton, which opens in March. Tickets are still available for the event.

Cast members from the new film – Michael Sheen (White Rabbit) Matt Lucas (Tweedledum and Tweedledee) and Christopher Lee (The Jabberwock) – will be participating in the event and reading extracts from the book. There will also be an appreciation of the Alice stories by writer Will Self, a discussion with Burton’s producer Richard Zanuck and co-producer Joe Roth, and a screening of the earliest film version of the story from 1903, recently restored by the BFI and shown with a live piano accompaniment.

Prior to the event there will be a chance to visit a new display containing highlights of the British Library’s Alice material, showcasing the original manuscript – pages from which are shown here – pages from Carroll’s diaries, the Wonderland Postage Stamp-Case designed by Carroll and also illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Salvador Dali.

The original Alice manuscript was hand written and illustrated by Lewis Carroll (the pseudonym chosen by mathematics don, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) in 1862.

Helen Broderick, curator of Modern Literary Manuscripts at the British Library says, “The appeal of Alice, the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter are as strong today as ever and the British Library is delighted to be able to highlight the rich variety of Alice material that we hold dating from the story’s initial creation in the 1860s through to different translations, parodies and editions created in the 20th century by artists and writers as diverse as Salvador Dali, Mervyn Peake and Vladimir Nabokov.”

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