Hapy New Year


Shameless promotion of my newest creation…

Designed in word press – and yes I am super pleased with it ..:-)

Wimbledon Fever

Electric Piano Dining Table

How cool –   Electric Piano Dining Tables.

all occasion cards

Most situations really only require one of the following phrases: “thank you”, “sorry” or “f*** you” Well now you won’t even need to speak. All one need do is administer the appropriate hand letter-pressed card, and it’s stated in style, way cooler than what your mouth could do. Thirty-three of each card in a foil stamped box that reads ALL OCCASIONS CARDS.

All Occasion Cards.

Oh the possibilities


Typekit just became available to the public. What does it do? It is allows you to use real fonts on the web. It’s a subscription-based service for linking to high-quality Open Type fonts from some of the worlds best type foundries. We are entering a new era of Type Possibilities on the web. Gasping for air!

“Have nothing in your house that
you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful.”
– William Morris