I am a freelance creative designer based in London, England.
And this is  my world of things that made me… LOOK

caipirinha. citroen 2cv smart car. feist. downtown la standard hotel. think tanks. the indian ocean. measurable impact. twin palms phuket. groove armada. oysters. diving. pearl jam. starfish on adelaide. strategy. vision. backgammon. the british postal service. portishead. sound advice. exceeding expectations. solid german engineering. adventure. horse riding. expresso with a twist. fly on saturdays. the zone. pride. time. champagne. ginger. cleo. common sense. radiohead. aimee mann. london. san francisco. angkor wat. the metric system. airplanes. make believe. the sunday morning paper. fresh thinking. creative challenges. twelfth man. ella fitzgerald. improvisation. innovation through necessity. balance. organization. focus. machu picchu. sailing up the nile in a faluka. effective brainstorming. a minimalist approach. thanksgiving. pie. sister’s night out. deko-ze. amalie. the gili islands. swissmiss. snuti. cake. salina’s beach. discovery. catch beach club. toshitsugu takamatsu. the ink spots. freelance. creative design.

Visit my website or email me would like to team up, or just want to say hello.

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